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What Permits Do I Need?

  • Trade Business Name 
  • Business Tax ID Registration 
  • LLC 
  • Business Tax ID Number
  • Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)
  • Resale Tax ID 
  • Wholesale Tax ID Number 
  • State Sales Tax ID Number 
  • Reseller Tax ID 
  • State Tax Id 

  • How do I get a Wholesale or Retail License ?

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    What is a Wholesale License?

    A state tax Wholesale or Retail License  can be a state tax Wholesale or Retail License   number to buy wholesale and sell retail.  Then there is a business license number that you get and it is essentially another License .

    Every new business that sells on the retail or wholesale level is required to have its own Wholesale or Retail License  depending on the particular facts of your business. 

    Click to Find Out What Business Document Filings You Need to Start Your Business.

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					What Permits and Tax IDs You Need To Start Your Business  


    Edward starts a business from home selling stuff on the internet. He wants to buy stuff wholesale and then post them online and sell them retail. To buy wholesale, Edward will need to obtain a seller's permit. The seller's permit includes a resale certificate that will sign and fax to the wholesaler so Edward can prove to the wholesaler that he has a seller's permit ID number that enables him to buy wholesale. For instance, if Edward buys 500 widgets for $1 each, he would have to pay $500 plus sales tax but since he buys wholesale he does not have to pay the sales tax. When Edward sells the widgets online he will have to charge about 8% tax in most states and collect it to pay the government.

    You can obtain it here online or take this short quiz Click to Find Out if you need it or other permits to start your business.


    There are a couple of states that do not require a wholesale license, and you can use the federal tax id number instead, but those states are the minority.  There are several different state tax id numbers.  A  Wholesale or Retail License  is a  state tax Wholesale or Retail License  number  - a state number to buy wholesale and sell retail.  When you sell retail, you collect the taxes from your customers and then pay it to the state.

    Things can be complicated but use our service and we will make sure you get what you need. For example, if the IRS issues you a number, you may have to get a Wholesale or Retail License  from each state in which you have a business address. There are many   and state government sites that might help you get the Wholesale or Retail License, but they are not exactly easy to navigate or read.   You can ask your lawyer, bookkeeper or accountant to find out what you need, but they may charge you for their time.

    How to Get a Wholesale License

    We can get you the Wholesale or Retail License  quickly. If you have problems, call us. We may be able to get you Retail License  right away.  The average wait to reach a customer representative is one to two minutes. It helps to have already submitted the form, because the agent will ask you many of the same questions.

    If you have a problem with a Wholesale or Retail License, first call us. Explain the problem to the agent who will help you resolve quickly.  Normally, it may have been a problem with the email that is why you may have not receive your Wholesale or Retail License .

    Obtain your Wholesale or Retail License from our Web site.  You can fill out your application form online and get a number assigned quickly. Whether you are looking for a   Wholesale or Retail License  or simply you are wondering how to get a Wholesale or Retail License, we can help you get it here.

    What is the Cost of a Wholesale License

    A Wholesale or Retail License  for a business or a business Wholesale or Retail License  is not free when you use our service to obtain it.  There is a fee for our services.  So if you apply for a Wholesale or Retail License  with us,  click here to select state first.

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