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How Do I Sell Products Online From My Home

Get Novelty Shop Licenses

9/26/2011 4:54 AM - Norcross, GA How Do I Sell Products Online From My Home Business permits and Tax ID number Requirements   Starting a new small business online. Retail Trade Novelty Shop Norcross, GA 30093 0  

Required Registrations for Novelty Shop .

A(n) Novelty Shop Business License

A(n) Novelty Shop DBA (Doing Business As - Business Name Registration) (Alternatively, instead of a DBA, you can file an LLC or Corporation - IMPORTANT: Nonprofits need a nonprofit corporation not a DBA or LLC)
In Norcross, an LLC, Corporation or Doing Business As (DBA) filing registers the assumed business name.An assumed business name filing registers the name and selects the legal structure of your company. However, you also need a general business tax registration by obtaining a business license in Gwinnett County.

IMPORTANT: Requirements below include Online , Home, amazon or eBay Businesses)

Here are the licenses and steps required to start your own Norcross new business.

  1.  Starting businesses need a(n) , Norcross business Id registration ( business tax registration or business permit).

  2. Starting businesses using a company name other than the legal owner's name need a(n) Gwinnett County   DBA Doing Business As Trade Firm Name Registration.  

  3. A business tax ID registration (occupationall business license ) and a DBA Doing Business As Fictious Business Name are ncessary for most businesses but if your business sells any taxable items, you will need a sales tax ID number.  (A.K.A GAseller's permit, state id, wholesale, resale, reseller certificate).

 4.   If you are thinking of hiring help, you will need a tax id called a state EIN and an IRS tax id number called an EIN Employer ID Number. I.e., a GA Federal EIN and a(n) GA  State EIN  

 5.   Instead of filing an assumed business name DBA Filing in Norcross, Incorporate in GA  or form a(n) GA LLC 

A business license (starts at $39) is required by 100% of all businesses in GA.

In 30093, 99% of business registraitons, the entity stucture such as sole proprietor, LLC, or Corporation must be registered first before registering other licenses, such as a seller's permit. Retail Trade: 70% of all new businesses choose the Limited Liability Structure (LLC) to form a company entity.

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