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Wholesale License

What is a Wholesale License?

A wholesale license is same as a seller's permit.

A Seller's Permit or wholesale license  is ALSO CALLED a resale ID, wholesale ID, retail ID, reseller's license, state sales tax ID, tax ID, resale number, resale certificate, or vendor's license).

If you sell wholesale or buy wholesale or sell retail, you need a wholesale license.

Likewise, if you sell retail, i.e., in small amounts, you need to collect sales tax for instate sales and you need a wholesale license (retail license, seller's permit)  do do so.

The following applies to all businesses, including online, internet, home-based or home businesses. 

If you buy or sell wholesale, or if you want an tax ID to buy wholesale and sell retail, you will need to register a Seller's Permit.

NOTE: A Seller's Permit is NOT a Federal Tax Id Number, a DBA  Trade Name, an LLC ,  a Business License , or  a State Employer Tax ID  (EIN).

Obtaining a Business License registration is a separate business tax registration type and most businesses must register and have a business license before starting business.

Both a business name certificate DBA and a seller's permit (if you sell tangible / taxable items) are required and there are criminal penalties for not registering a DBA or not getting a business license. 






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