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What All Do I Need To Make My Business Legal

12/12/2019 1:29 PM - Salley, SC What All Do I Need To Make My Business Legal Business permits and Tax ID number Requirements Tiffany's Boutique
What All Do I Need To Make My Business Legal  and sell merchandise online / all 50 states from my home.

A: All you need to sell online is a seller's permit and a business license. To create your stationary as  "Tiffany's Boutique, you will need a dba, LLC or incorporation.
Retail Online Home Decor Salley, SC 29137 I will not hire any contractors or employees.

check All Businesses Need a Salley Business License & a Trade Business Name ( Aiken County Trade Business Name required if using a trade name).

check Retailers / Wholesalers, Need a Reseller Tax ID, & a Business License.

check Employers Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN), a SC State Tax Id ( State EIN), & a Business License.

check Corporations, & LLC Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)& a Business License.

check Partnerships Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN) & a Trade Business Name, but also need a Business License.

check Sole Proprietors May Use a Federal Tax Id Number as a SC Business Tax ID but also need a Business License.

check Instead of filing a Trade Business Name, You Can Incorporate in SC or form a(n) SC LLC & You Will Not Need To File A DBA

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Get Home Decor Licenses


Required Registrations for Home Decor .

A(n) Home Decor Business License

A(n) Home Decor DBA (Doing Business As - Business Name Registration) (Alternatively, instead of a DBA, you can file an LLC or Corporation - IMPORTANT: Nonprofits need a nonprofit corporation not a DBA or LLC)
Home Decor
What All Do I Need To Make My Business Legal and sell merchandise online / all 50 states from my home.

A: All you need to sell online is a seller's permit and a business license. To create your stationary as "Tiffany's Boutique, you will need a dba, LLC or incorporation.

Home Decor
What All Do I Need To Make My Business Legal and sell merchandise online / all 50 states from my home.

A: All you need to sell online is a seller's permit and a business license. To create your stationary as "Tiffany's Boutique, you will need a dba, LLC or incorporation.
My daughter and I are renting a small booth space with home decor. It's the simple 10 x 10 booth space in an antique building. We are a very small low profit business and I didn't know if we needed a dba of an LL C business licence?  

Whether a Home Decor online, home, store, concession stand or a mobile cart, you will need to first select among sole owner/proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation, all of which also require a General Business License (not a specific license to your type of business) as well. If your trade name is a business name other than your full personal legal name, you will need to file a DBA .

     For instance, your name is John Doe, and you do business as Home Decor By John, the name must be registered with a 
DBA Biz Name because it is not your full legal name. Also, note that whatever item that you sell or lease and it is an item that can be touched (i.e., tangible such as equipment, toys, merchandise, electronics, prepared food) requires a state sales tax ID ( Seller's Permit 

) to either buy or sell the items or products wholesale and or sell them retail.

      If you are hiring Home Decor Workers anytime soon, you will need a 
Federal EIN and a State EIN (employer identification number). Other instances that you will need a federal tax ID are: if you are a partnership, an independent contractor, and a corporation or LLC . You can also obtain a federal tax ID as a sole proprietor and use it as a business tax ID in the place of a social security number.

     However, you will still need other Home Decor Registrations, such as licenses, an assumed business name DBA, and tax IDs as described above.

     Finally, even one person, Home Decor Sole owner/proprietors working from home or just online can form a LLC or incorporate, in which case, they will not need to file a DBA.

     online home decor and apparel website I have a company that sells party boxes filled with decor needed for a party. Some items will be obtained wholesale, what kind of permit do I need? 

     Ok so it looks like I will need an llc, seller's permit, and business license yes i wanted to know if i really need a tx tax id number because my customers will pay in cash, check or paypal.

     l i will be decorating for weddings, and doing home decor ecommerce/trade shows for homemade products out of my home i don't have a building i work from my home.

You may be required to get these permit too....

If you decide to set up a corporation, you will also need a set of bylaws which are the internal rules to govern a corporation. Bylaws come with purchase of incorporation and included in price. If you doing business from home, you may need both a home occupation permit and a business license or one of the two. If you need both, we will obtain both for the price of one on this site. Keep in mind, most home based businesses are not allowed to post commercial signs and accept many client visits or commercial deliveries of merchandise in most neighborhoods.
Note that even if you lease personal property, you will need a sales tax id reseller number to collect state sales tax. Unprepared food when bought is not taxable in most states. However, if you sell prepared food, you will need a resale ID to collect sales tax when you sell food. If you are a service such as plumbing, you will still need a reseller tax number for the parts that you include in your service such as the pipes used because these are taxable.
An llc or corporation is a state created legal entity. It is like a person in papers only. If you set up an llc you will be a member of it but not the LLC itself.
Independent contractors work on a contract basis and the person receiving the service does not pay employmen taxes for these contractors.  
More: Note that even small online or home businesses need a business license and a fictitious business trade name if a trade name is used.; You may want to incorporate of form an LLC if you make direct sales to the public because it renders you subject to lawsuits. ; You can sell shares to other S corporation owners but a C corporation is best for selling corporate shares to investors. ; A business permit is a business tax registration based on the number of employees, business location, gross income and type of business.; SC You need to get a federal tax id number to use it as a tax id for the partnership if you have partners. ; In general a corporation or LLC is more credible than a sole proprietor. ; Foreigners can be members partners of an LLC or a C corporation but not of a sole owner or S corporation. .



11/29/2018 1:14 PM Donna Gabriel
We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.i am interested in a non-medical transportation business im trying to register my name as an artist
Answer 11/29/2018 1:14 PM  
11/29/2018 1:14 PM Beverly duke
I need to obtain a wholesale Id number so that I can buy wholesale. I do not currently have a business of my own but I would like to buy wholesale so that I can make things to sell. Please tell me exactly what I will need to do to get this step by step, and what is the price of this? Also Do I have to have a business license if I do not have a home business. I am only selling a few items that I am making.Hi!! I'm trying to get a vendor license to sell in Elmore county at santuck fle Market
Answer 11/29/2018 1:14 PM  
11/29/2018 1:13 PM  
how do I apply for a sellers license in ca well I don't know if I need a separate license I am a non profit and have an ein number do you assist with the DBA as well? Hi I am small business and I make everything by hand . And I would like to open a retail store how much it will coast me to get a permit hello, i started an llc, i obtained business permit, what does a seller's permit look like/ not sure if that is something else i needI am selling gun supplies, NO FIREARMS i have a business license for an LLC, trade name, no DBA, but is that different than a seller's permit?
Answer 11/29/2018 1:13 PM  
11/29/2018 1:09 PM David Miller
Just need a sale or re sale license or certificate I’m new to this, but I want to sell clothes online it is just seller permit or I need more to re sell the clothes? i just wanna buy from whole sale and re sell them online i just want to get a license to buy why should i buy sellers permit for $49 olesale I want ti open a temporary Christmas tree lot in Lemoore CA., what am i license s or permits am i required to have
Answer 11/29/2018 1:09 PM  
11/3/2018 2:21 PM  
Sale of silver and gold bullion only, is this a taxable situation? what do I do to get license to buy and sell gold, silver and other things with the name "Gosilv". also interesting in website online to purchase from people who want to sell I am already a llc business person.
Answer 11/3/2018 2:21 PM
ANSWER: Since you are already set up as an LLC, For your silver and gold bullion, you will need the seller's permit because you need to buy the silver and gold bullion wholesale, and the business license because all businesses need one. ""Gosilv"," is a company name and you need to register it with a DBA certificate if the LLC name is different.

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