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6/30/2010 10:57 AM - Vancouver, WA Malting Business permits and Tax ID number Requirements  
Brewery supplies
Wholesale Trade Other Vancouver, WA 98660 21

check All Businesses Need a Vancouver Business License & a Trade Business Name (   Trade Business Name required if using a trade name).

check Retailers / Wholesalers, Need a Reseller Tax ID, & a Business License.

check Employers Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN), a WA State Tax Id ( State EIN), & a Business License.

check Corporations, & LLC Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)& a Business License.

check Partnerships Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN) & a Trade Business Name, but also need a Business License.

check Sole Proprietors May Use a Federal Tax Id Number as a   Business Tax ID but also need a Business License.

check Instead of filing a Trade Business Name, You Can Incorporate in WA or form a(n)   LLC & You Will Not Need To File A DBA

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Required Registrations for Other .

A(n) Other DBA (Doing Business As - Business Name Registration) (Alternatively, instead of a DBA, you can file an LLC or Corporation - IMPORTANT: Nonprofits need a nonprofit corporation not a DBA or LLC)
Buy whole sale sell at flea market

Buy whole sale sell at flea market
More: Note that even small online or home businesses need a business license and a fictitious business trade name if a trade name is used.; If you make any sales of any items that are touchable such as a shirt or a chair, you will need to obtain a resale tax id number.; If you will hire employees, you need two employer identification numbers: one federal tax id ein and a state tax id number ein.; A business permit is a business tax registration based on the number of employees, business location, gross income and type of business.; WA Generally, if you have any partners, you will need a federal ein irs number and a trade firm name registration.; A fictitious business name is required if you use a trade name however, you can fulfill the requirement by forming an llc or incorporating.; If you decide to form an LLC, you will need an llc certificate and an llc agreement. Our service provides both for the same price and you will not need anything else to be legal..



11/6/2017 10:25 PM wfsa
Is there any general license required to operate an assumed name entity in Texas? Do I need a reseller license in order to household goods ?

So doing my small business out of my home is ok as long as I have license to do soIs it possible to do so out of a residential home?

Not sure yet jus need to know the difference in what I need to start So to get started how much would u say the cost would be I have to look further into the type of business I'm doing as far as dba, LLC, or corp.

i just want to be able to buy from wholesalers as well as aquire my peddlers license clothes shoes household goods and personal hygiene supplies.

still do not understand this man is in his 60's wants to hold a yard sale just household goods and miscellaneous no this person is having a rummage sale from his garage and home miscellaneous household stuff dishes, linens, used stuff.

Answer 11/6/2017 10:25 PM  
11/6/2017 10:24 PM wfsa
hello I am looking into starting my own I work for a company 3 days a week but I am also starting to branch out on my own .Ok... i'm just fishing for info at the moment what benefits will an llc give me?

Need to register DBA name but would like to check pricing in Wisconsin first Do I need a business licence to run a beauty supply store or just register certificate and ein And what about the tax registration number.

Is sellers permit required for Wisconsin?? I don't sell anything I provide a clean home I Help getting tax is for beauty supply store peoples homes I am looking to resale beauty supply products.

Answer 11/6/2017 10:24 PM  
11/4/2017 12:37 PM Iuliia
Hi my name is Frank Ian an artist and want to sell paintings on the street, without any police problems I want to work as a spray painter artist. What kind of papers or license do I need:

1) if I am going to work for myself

2) If I am an employee of art organization The job duties are to make paintings on the paper at the street and sell them (average price 15$).

I already got Certificate of Authority, do I need other documents of license? - Is there any institution in NYC where I can go and ask my questions in person?

i want to sell my paintings off the sidewalk basically what would be the total cost for a painters licenses in Pa? i'm just checking to see what I need, i'm relocating from Tn.

yeah I have owned my co. for 28 years, have dba licensure in Arizona as an independent contractor/ artist but Arizona is a right-to- work state and Ca is u7nion I want to paint houses.

What do I need as far as license? I am in Broward county Florida. I have a business name filed and a EIN.
Answer 11/4/2017 12:37 PM
You only need a dba filing business name certificate if you use a business name other than your full legall personal name. 

11/4/2017 12:36 PM  
yes, good morning. I want to sell suits, dresses and shoes what do I need? I want to open a sneaker store in p.a what is it that I will need.

 Do I have to have a location first to get all the license I need Sneaker clothing store i want to start my own clothing/sneaker store what permits/license would i need in order to achieve this?

listen I just had some questions I don't want to keep clicking links that's why I lived chat. Can you sell anywhere I Philadelphia with the license I'm here... I just need information on getting vendor license...

I have the rest Clothes, shoes and accessories do i have to get reseller permit for sellinI am sorry I am deaf and I am new to the whole idea of garage sales. g shoes online.

Is this the steps to getting a vendors license I'm trying to get into selling shoes So that link will help me get started? And is this link how to get the shoe license in Florida.
Answer 11/4/2017 12:36 PM
To sell suits, dresses and shoes, you first need to buy them and buy the wholesale. To do so, you need a seller's permit or wholesale license.

10/18/2017 1:48 AM  

I'm trying to open a small bakery with myself and one employee Do you have a link for vendor license where I can sell my products at state fairs I sell wood art and furniture as well as cakHi how are you today?

I am interested in more information about if i need a license or permit for a home based bakery business es. All hand made I am in stone county mo. Wanting to start a bakery in home under the cottage food law. My question is can I bake my products at home and transfer them to a separate building to sell them.

I have a bakery in nj and wanted to sell my products in Pa. How much is the cost of the license to sell? what document do I need to submmit I am currently incorporated and I am trying to change to a sole proprietor I am looking for info on getting a home bakery license in Texas. How long does it usually take to get all that done? How much ?

Im currently baking bread in MN under the Cottage food exemption. Looking to move forward and get manufacturing license to start whole saying. I just got my Certificate of Assumed Name I no longer what to be incorporated i am an online bakery.
Answer 10/18/2017 1:48 AM  
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