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License And Permit Forms Needed To Open Restaurant

3/18/2013 11:57 AM - Mercersburg, PA License And Permit Forms Needed To Open Restaurant Business permits and Tax ID number Requirements Just In Time
sandwich and ice cream shop/restuarant location - mercersburg pa 17236
Other Restaurant Mercersburg, PA 17236 12

check All Businesses Need a Mercersburg Business License & a Trade Business Name ( Franklin County Trade Business Name required if using a trade name).

check Retailers / Wholesalers, Need a Reseller Tax ID, & a Business License.

check Employers Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN), a PA State Tax Id ( State EIN), & a Business License.

check Corporations, & LLC Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)& a Business License.

check Partnerships Need a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN) & a Trade Business Name, but also need a Business License.

check Sole Proprietors May Use a Federal Tax Id Number as a PA Business Tax ID but also need a Business License.

check Instead of filing a Trade Business Name, You Can Incorporate in PA or form a(n) PA LLC & You Will Not Need To File A DBA

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You may be required to get these permit too....

If you decide to set up a corporation, you will also need a set of bylaws which are the internal rules to govern a corporation. Bylaws come with purchase of incorporation and included in price. If you doing business from home, you may need both a home occupation permit and a business license or one of the two. If you need both, we will obtain both for the price of one on this site. Keep in mind, most home based businesses are not allowed to post commercial signs and accept many client visits or commercial deliveries of merchandise in most neighborhoods.
Note that even if you lease personal property, you will need a sales tax id reseller number to collect state sales tax. Prepared food such as meals cookies ice cream etc is taxable and requires a sellers permit. If you are a service such as plumbing, you will still need a reseller tax number for the parts that you include in your service such as the pipes used because these are taxable.
An llc or corporation is a state created legal entity. It is like a person in papers only. If you set up an llc you will be a member of it but not the LLC itself.
Independent contractors work on a contract basis and the person receiving the service does not pay employmen taxes for these contractors.  
More: You need an LLC or Corporation to protect your assets such as your home or car. ; You may want to incorporate of form an LLC if you make direct sales to the public because it renders you subject to lawsuits. ; If you will hire employees, you need two employer identification numbers: one federal tax id ein and a state tax id number ein.; An S corporation is best to reduce self employment taxes because you can split divident payment and salary to reduce the tax. ; PA Generally, if you have any partners, you will need a federal ein irs number and a trade firm name registration.; In general a corporation or LLC is more credible than a sole proprietor. ; If you decide to form an LLC, you will need an llc certificate and an llc agreement. Our service provides both for the same price and you will not need anything else to be legal..



Questions and Answers
6/13/2014 4:46 PM Dr Payne
Can I use my tax Id number to distribute wholesale or do I need another liscence.
Answer 6/13/2014 4:46 PM
If it is a federal tax id no.  You will need to get a sales tax ID also called a seller's permit.  

To buy or sell and distribute wholesale, you will need a wholesale ID also called a seller's permit.   However, you will need to decide first what business structure you will be.  You can be a sole proprietor, an LLC, a corporation, or partnership. Then under that structure, you can register your seller's permit to be able to sell or buy as well as distribute wholesale and sell retail as well. The way that works is that when you buy wholesale, you don't have to pay taxes.  However, if you sell retail, you will need to charge and collect the taxes to pay quarterly to the state.  The clothing tax is called sales tax.   
In addition, you will need to obtain an occupational business license or a home occupation permit and in most cases also obtain a federal tax ID number.  If you will hire an wholesale distribution sales employees, you will also need a state employer ID. 
You can obtain all these licenses, and tax id registrations here online on this site. 

6/13/2014 4:43 PM neil
what kind of licenses and other things do I need to start a grocery business.
Answer 6/13/2014 4:43 PM
Grocery business is a great business to start.  You will need a business license and also need to choose your type of business tax structure.  For instance, you could file as an LLc or partnership.  Selling Grocery items IS a taxable event and in such case, you will need to obtain a resale license also called a seller's permit and that includes a resale certificate.   Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations, independent contractors, and employers need a federal employer ID.  Employers also need a state employer EIN.   Grocery business  that form an LLC need to file and obtain an LLC certificate and if filing as a sole owner or partnership must also file a DBA assumed business name. 

6/14/2014 4:40 PM Iuliia
Hi. I want to work as a spray painter artist. What kind of papers or license do I need: 1) if I am going to work for myself 2) If I am an employee of art organization The job duties are to make paintings on the paper at the street and sell them (average price 15$). I already got Certificate of Authority, do I need other documents of license? - Is there any institution in NYC where I can go and ask my questions in person?
Answer 6/13/2014 4:40 PM
You only need a dba filing business name certificate if you use a business name other than your full legall personal name. 

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