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L.L.C Limited Liability Company Corporation

We obtain the official certificate and provide you with a legally required customized operating agreement that you will need to open a bank account. You will need a federal ID, the LLC certificate and the operating agreement to open an LLC bank account. An LLC will protect the business and the owner's personal assets as well as save on taxes. ...more about LLC

DBA Doing Business As Fictitious Business Name

We obtain the official DBA certificate, publish the filing in a legal newspaper, file a proof of publication. If you don't file an LLC or corporation, you will need to file a DBA to register the business name. You also need it to open a business bank account and use stationary such as letter heads and business cards with your business name. ...more about DBA

Seller's Permit ( Sales, Resale, Reseller Tax ID) Permit.

We officially register you business to collect sales tax or buy or sell wholesale as well as retail. We obtain the official State Seller's Permit Certificate. ...more about Seller's Permit

Federal Tax ID EIN Employer Tax ID Number

We obtain an official EIN certificate from the federal government. All businesses need an EIN except sole owner's that are not independent contractors. ...more about EIN

State Employer Tax ID Number Also Called a SEIN

This is similar to a Federal EIN except that it is from the state and you need both if you are an employer. We obtain an official SEIN certificate from the State Government. ...more about State EIN

Incorporation. C Corporation, S, or NonProfit Corporation

We obtain the official certificate and provide you with a legally required customized bylaws that you will need to open a bank account. You will need a federal ID, the corporation certificate and the bylaws to open an LLC bank account. An corporation will protect the owner's personal assets as well as save on taxes. ...more about Corporation

Business License also called a Home Occupation License.

Whether home, online, mobile, store or office, this is a general license that all business must obtain. It is a general business tax registration ( as opposed to income, sales, employment or use tax). If you are a home business, you may need a home occupation license and a business license or one or the other. It depends on your state. ...more about Business License

Vendor's License, Peddler's License, Business Permit, Business Personal Property Tax.

You may need one of these depending on your situation. You may need it in addition to a general business license or you may just need this one. Namely, a vendor's peddler's, business permit or business personal property tax registration. ...more about Seller's Permit


Licensing and Business Filing Servicess

First, select a business legal structure

We can set you up as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corproation.

Then, you need to get licenses and tax IDS

We can help you get an EIN, State EIN, State Sales Tax ID, Tobacco ID, and a Business tax Filing ( Business License).
Business License

Tax Filings such as seller's Permit

If want to buy items wholesale or sell retail, you will need a reseller ID ( seller's permit).

Employers need both a federal EIN and a State EIN.

We can help you get an EIN, State EIN ( State Employer Identification Number ). You need to pay federal and state taxes.

Setting up DBA, LLC, Corp.

We can help you get a DBA Certificate. If filing as an LLC or Corp., a corp certificate or LLC certificate.

If filing an LLC or Corp., you don't need a DBA

If you set up an llc, you don't need a dba because a dba is the Filing of your business name.

You can file a DBA under an LLC or corporation

If you going to use more trade names, you can file them on the same dba or file dbas under the LLC or corporation.

Partneships that do not form LLC

Partnerships that do not set up as LLC or Corporation, need at least both a DBA and an EIN.

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We Focus on Small Businesses. Our focus is to help small business owners start, run and grow their businesses. We work with big companies as well offering services that provide support with business licensing and company formation.
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We help companies get licensing, tax registrations, DBA filings and also assist companies to incorporate and form limited liability companies (LLCs) and many other entity types.

Business Licensing starts @ $29 (e.g. EIN)

We help you obtain all licenses, tax registrations, LLC, DBA Corp.

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Business License @ $39

All businesses need to obtain an occupational business license.

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LLC/DBA/CORP $49 + state fee

All businesses must register a trade name. Instead, you can file an LLC..

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Seller's Permit Starts @ $39

All businesses that buy/sell wholesale, sell or retail, must get it.

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