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South Dakota   Trademark

  • A South Dakota   Trademark , trade mark, or ® is a distinctive sign, design, sound, smell, color, product configuration, group of letters or numbers, or combination of these, which is used by a business to identify itself and or its products and services to the general consuming public.  A South Dakota   Trademark  also distinguishes the business and its products or services made, sold, or provided from those of other businesses. Click to Find Out What Business Document Filings You Need to Start Your Business. Click to Find Out 
					What Permits and Tax IDs You Need To Start Your Business  


  •  Purpose

    The use of a South Dakota   Trademark  prevents confusion regarding the source of services or products. It uniquely identifies the provider of the service or product. Because consumers identify the mark with a specific company, the South Dakota   Trademark  becomes a valuable business asset to be protected from others who want to acquire similar South Dakota   Trademark s.
  • A South Dakota   Trademark  is a business property which is distinct from other forms of intellectual business property. In most cases, a South Dakota   Trademark  has a name, word, phrase, and in some cases, it includes a logo or symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements.



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