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  • Trade Business Name 
  • Business Tax ID Registration 
  • LLC 
  • Business Tax ID Number
  • Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)
  • Resale Tax ID 
  • Wholesale Tax ID Number 
  • State Sales Tax ID Number 
  • Reseller Tax ID 
  • State Tax Id 

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    Michigan DBA   Business Name Filing

    Do You Need  a Michigan DBA  Filing?

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    You finally got a good business concept and you are starting a business. To simplify the process, open a bank account and get going, you need to file a Michigan DBA  to make your business name registered and official. Click to Find Out What Business Document Filings You Need to Start Your Business. Click to Find Out 
					What Permits and Tax IDs You Need To Start Your Business A Michigan DBA , or “Doing Business As", is a business name registration, also called "Fictitious Business Name" or "assumed business name". If you want your business to have a name other than your name, you need to file a Michigan DBA . Your Michigan DBA , also known as an Assumed Business Name,  is required so you  can open a business bank account in your business name.  This legal requirement is not only for the new small business sole proprietorship....  also, corporations or LLCs need to file a Michigan DBA  Doing Business As statement if they do business in a business name that is different from the corporation or LLC name.


    Since the year 2000, we are the  leading online legal Michigan DBA  service.   We have filed Michigan DBA s for tens of thousands of  satisfied customers prepare their corporate, llc certificates,  and obtain tax id numbers such as wholesale licenses, state tax id numbers, and federal tax id numbers.  Filings USA is a complete and thorough Michigan DBA  filing service. 

    A few years ago, if you were starting a business, even as a sole owner, you had to hire an attorney to file your Michigan DBA .  We are one of the first Michigan DBA  filing services to make this process inexpensive and legal.  We file the Michigan DBA  certificate, publish it, and ship the filed, clerk stamped certificate back to you so you can start your business officially.

    You have a wealth of information if you want to know more about filing a Michigan DBA .  Click on the Articles link to read more about our how to file your Michigan DBA  in any State, or click here to begin the process now.

    Free Michigan DBA  certificate shipping  and free support included with every Michigan DBA  filing order.

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    Our satisfaction policy is the fairest in the industry.

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